Sunday, November 30, 2008

News - Mis-selling of insurance exposed

Financial services firms that sell Payment Applied event extremal finance insurance modeling modeling probability stochastic Insurance (PPI) have been told they must improve their selling methods.

Love that insurance red-tape!!!

Just when you thought it sucked enough to have cancer; then you have to fight with the stupid insurance idiots in order to get better... AGH!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

AG, DCP, Insurance Dept. announce $700000 settlement in kickback ...

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Insurance Commissioner Thomas R. Sullivan and Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr.

Because Some Insurance Policy Dosen't Cover Everything

Whenever We are leaving our Life. We Are happy and We love Our friends and Family. There is love and everything but Our Life's future is uncertain. No one wants to think about their own death.

One In Seven Organ Donors Concerned About Life And Health Insurance

Read more on One In Seven Organ Donors Concerned About Life And Health Insurance.

Establishment loves insurance companies -- ask the New York Times ...

The problem with too many elected Democrats is that they start acting as if they are part of the establishment instead of shaking it up to make life better for most people.

Do People Who Have Car Insurance Ever Get Into Accidents?

I'll tell you, it's been my experience that the answer to that question would be no! It's a long story, and not even a good story, but I've become the proud owner of a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer. Mercury's answer to the Ford Explorer.